Background on Zwembad Den Ekkerman

Zwembad Den Ekkerman is a foundation which is financed by the Municipality of Veldhoven.

Zwembad Den Ekkerman is a pleasant swimming facility especially focused on families with children, up to and including 14; adults who wish to stay in shape by swimming lengths and or by participating in one of our various Swimfit-classes (lessons for each age group).

Mission and Vision
Our mission consists of four main points:
1. Offering high-quality swimming lessons for children from 0 through 7 years old, teaching them sufficient buoyancy in order to obtain different Swimming Badges.
2. Providing fun fitness for adults, to enhance and retain their health allowing for ongoing, active participation in our society.
3. Offering aqua activities for children up to and including 14 years old, aiming to improve physical fitness and socializing.
4. To manage the swimming facilities in such a way, that Veldhoven will still have a local swimming pool for many years to come.

Our vision at Zwembad Den Ekkerman can be expressed in one sentence: CONTINOUSLY ANIMATING AND STATE-OF-THE-ART
1. Customer satisfaction: we always welcome queries and or remarks from our visitors and aim to help and inform everyone as accurately as possible.
2. Safety: all instructors are fully-qualified, trained and possess First-Aid, Emergency Response, Reanimation and Water Rescue certifications. They supervise on-the-spot and see to it that all visitors have a pleasant time swimming at our facilities.
3. Quality: our swimming classes are top-quality. The classes are given by experienced, fully-trained instructors. Also, on a daily basis, we abide by strict regulations with respect to water quality and legionella-control.