Zwembad Den Ekkerman: Wide variety of Swimfit classes.Den Ekkerman, aquamovea

For young people who wish to improve their physical fitness, work on their stamina or lose weight, we would advise to join “Aqua Move”.

In addition, we offer several options for senior citizens to maintain or enhance their endurance, upkeep or improve muscle tone and supple joints. Exercising in water, after all, greatly reduces chances of injury.

Please have a look at the various aquatic sports and discover which suits you best. To help you decide, you can participate in a lesson of your choice free of charge. We advise you to contact our reception in advance, as several classes are already at full capacity.
Enrollment through our website. For current rates for various classes, we refer to the page “Rates”.

10 Reasons to join a Swimfit activity:
1. To overcome the feeling of not being fit.
2. Minimal chance of injuries as no shock strain is involved.
3. High calorie burning thanks to water density.
4. Effective muscle toning of belly, legs and buttocks.
5. Work-out for the entire body in 30 minutes.
6. Maintaining or improving of your endurance.
7. Enthusiastic and motivating instructors.
8. Varied lessons with different types of music.
9. No inconvenience due to perspiration or sticky outfits.
10. A lesson missed can be followed on another day.