It’s good fun to be aqua-active!
Den Ekkerman aquamove
Aqua Fit
In these classes, it is all about the fun of being active in water. The lessons are given to pleasant music, creating a nice ambiance. We aim to adapt the music to best suit the exercises and the season of the year. Also, we use different items (halters, cuffs, wet shapers, flexi beams etc.) to achieve a complete body work-out. As you train all muscle groups, you will soon be feeling more fit and supple. No need to be an advanced swimmer; the classes are given in the instruction pool or recreation pool. Both allow for standing upright. These lessons last 30 minutes each.

Days and Hours
Monday: 9h00-10h00; 10h00-10h30; 12h00-12h30; 13h00-13h30
Tuesday: 9h00-9h30; 10h00-10h30
Wednesday: 9h30-10h15; 10h15-10h45
Friday: 9h30-10h00; 10h00-10h30 / 9h45-10h15 (competition pool)

Pool: Monday and Tuesday: recreation pool; Wednesday and Friday: instruction pool.